Forks, WA: Home of Twilight

When we went on our trip to the Olympic National Park we stayed in Forks, WA. It’s the biggest town on the Western side of the park and if you didn’t know it is most known for (at least as of late) for being the setting of Twilight. The logging town has seen better days and it is definitely trying to capitalize on the popular books and movies. 

First off let me tell you this: I don’t like Twilight. I have not read the books but I saw the first movie and it was awful. I have heard they got a bit better, from a friend who had to watch them for her job at an entertainment magazine. But I’m not sold. But alas, it’s popular. And you can’t turn a corner in or around Forks and not be reminded that it’s set there. The movies weren’t filmed in the area, but the town has identified homes as those belonging to the main characters. And you can take a picture with Bella’s car (from the book version):

Bella's car (book version) in Forks. Photo by Jessica Hall.
Bella’s car (book version) in Forks. Photo by Jessica Hall.

Other highlights: the grocery store has a souvenir section and Twilight themed deli sandwiches. There was a sign as you entered the Quileute Nation, where Jacob’s family lived, that said “No Vampires.” 

Hard to read but that is the Twilight Wrap, Jacob's Round and Edward's Wedge. Photo by Jessica Hall
Hard to read but that is the Twilight Wrap, Jacob’s Round and Edward’s Wedge. Photo by Jessica Hall

So moral of the story, if you love Twilight, you’ll like Forks. If you like cheesy things, you’ll appreciate Forks. If you hate Twilight, maybe don’t go to Forks. We stayed in a nice hotel and ate a great breakfast at a local diner. It’s a great stopping point for the park if you aren’t staying inside at one of the lodges. It’s also close to a number of beaches, so it is worth a stop, just be prepared that you’ll be entering Twilight-land. 

Have you been to Forks? What did you think?

2 Replies to “Forks, WA: Home of Twilight”

  1. I stayed in Forks last year. As you said, it’s a great location for visiting Olympic National Park. I’ve read Twilight, but all the Twilight stuff in the town didn’t really appeal to me!

  2. Never judge a book by the movie!

    When I read the series I was in L-O-V-E.

    And then I watched the first movie…
    (One of the worst movies I have EVER seen! Who chose the casting? A blind man who’s never even HEARD of the saga?!)
    I thus vowed to never watch a Twilight movie again.

    Also, as a general rule of thumb, I never watch the movie until I’ve read the book(s).
    I rarely break this rule.

    I have an older cousin who is absolutely IN LOVE with Twilight, movie and all.
    So obsessed that she got married in Forks with a Twilight themed wedding.

    Moral of the story: Just stick to the books.

    (Also, I didn’t picture her red truck being THAT old… Hm.)

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