My Story

My family has served in the U.S. Military for three generations, starting with my grandfather, followed by uncles and cousins. When I met my now-husband five years ago I was not interested in these West Point boys that were going to be at the party in my friend’s NYU dorm room. In fact I only planned on staying for five minutes, be polite and say hi to these guys we had briefly met the year before, but then there was James, who was a freshman, therefore new to the group. I will admit that his blue eyes and smile drew me in immediately and before I knew it five minutes turned into hours of talking, laughing, and flirting. The next day we had our first date and almost four years later we were married.

This is me in California posing with some sleeping elephant seals.

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My name is Jessica. I am a graduate student, a foodie, traveler, and fashion lover. I am addicted to Pinterest, love social media, and Downton Abbey, among other shows. I am also a military spouse.

This blog is beginning as a part of my graduate program at University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media COM 546 class, but I hope it becomes more than that.

Since I married my husband, an officer in the US Army, I have been asked many questions about our military life. As I did research for this blog I learned that nearly half of Americans do not know the benefits and challenges of serving in the military (Pew Research Center, “War and Sacrifice in the Post-9/11 Era“). I hope to answer some of those questions, but also address that just because I am a military spouse, it doesn’t mean that that is my defining characteristic, in fact it is one of many, that existed long before I knew or married my husband. Sure I am more attuned to military issues, but I hope through my story and those of my friends and other spouses, the life of a military spouse becomes a little less obtuse.

Please feel free to ask me questions (below or via twitter) or share your story. In the coming week I will have a survey set up to find out what you want to know about. I look forward to sharing more as the weeks go on.