On the Presidential Debates

So we’re barely into February and we’ve had ohhhh a gagillion debates. Okay not that many but it’s a lot. The total is actually¬†13, not including town halls. And I’ve watched as many as I can. Admittedly, I’ve watched more of the republican debates because there have been more and they’ve been at times that I could watch. The democratic debates have largely been on weekends, and with only three candidates until this week running, they are not nearly as exciting. Anyway, after watching the debates as of lately I have noticed some major differences between the two parties and a lot of the candidates. Here are my thoughts:

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My Take: The 2nd Republican Debate

The Presidential election is more than a year away but we’ve already had two¬†debates for the Republicans. Only one of the 16 candidates seems to have dropped out so far (Rick Perry), but the others, well we’ll see who drops next. I was able to watch all of the early debate (with the bottom 4 candidates) and about half of the full debate. We had dinner plans with friends from out of town so couldn’t cancel, and while I at first wanted to push it back to later in the night to catch the whole debate, I’m glad I didn’t since it lasted another 1.5 hours after I turned it off (in the parking lot of the restaurant).

Anyway, a reader and fellow liberal milspouse asked me what my thoughts were, so I thought I would share with you!

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