Tips for Being Productive When You Work from Home

I have worked on and off from home for a few years. The first time I was telecommuting to a job across the country, the second I had flexibility at my job and worked from home to avoid traffic a few days a week, and for the last 7 months or so I’ve been doing freelance work, so my home is my office. I’ve talked about it a bit here when I reference my lack of writing on the blog – but it’s easy to get distracted at home. You’ve got your TV, chores, errands, bed…and I will admit that I am by no means an expert on this nor mastered the art of working from home – it’s a constant work in progress. But there are some things that help me be productive, so here we go!

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Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Tricare Benefits

So I have to say that one of my favorite benefits of this military life is the medical insurance aka Tricare. Care aside, because that varies by provider, it’s an absolutely amazing deal as an active duty family. Most companies charge far more for family members to be covered by insurance than we do as an Army family (we only pay for dental and that’s a very low price), so it’s a great benefit! But it can be tricky to manage aka what makes it not so great as the dependent. I have had some ups and downs with Tricare and I wanted to share what I’ve learned in these few years in hopes that it can help you!

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On the Presidential Debates

So we’re barely into February and we’ve had ohhhh a gagillion debates. Okay not that many but it’s a lot. The total is actually 13, not including town halls. And I’ve watched as many as I can. Admittedly, I’ve watched more of the republican debates because there have been more and they’ve been at times that I could watch. The democratic debates have largely been on weekends, and with only three candidates until this week running, they are not nearly as exciting. Anyway, after watching the debates as of lately I have noticed some major differences between the two parties and a lot of the candidates. Here are my thoughts:

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