My Favorite At-Home Workouts

I have never enjoyed working out. I grew up dancing, so my favorite work outs involve a class of people and a teacher motivating me. When I walk into the gym the various machines intimidate me. The weight room scares me. When I have successfully worked out for long periods of time as an adult, I have had friends to push me to go. Or I really loved the work out, which was the case for the last year or so in Washington – I LOVED my barre and Pilates classes at a local studio. I was really sad to leave it when we moved, and even more upset when I realized that there were no barre or Pilates classes in the area around Fort Huachuca. The closest studio was an hour away. So it was time to research what I could do at home or the local gym on my own.

My at-home gym. Photo by J. Hall.
My at-home gym. Photo by J. Hall.

Here are my favorites so far:

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Tasty Thursday: Homemade Indian Food

Awhile back James bought a large bag of garam masala, a spice often used in Indian food. It took me awhile but I finally put it to use to make Indian food, a first for me. I was really nervous but it turned out really well, for the most part.

What I made:

Our dinner spread. Photo by J. Hall.
Our dinner spread. Photo by J. Hall.

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Tasty Thursday: Grilled Goat Chops Recipe

It is another week and we’ve been doing a lot better at cooking meals and trying new things. The newest to us was goat. The Farmer’s Market here is small but mighty and includes a few vendors that sell meat, including goat. When I told James about this he said that we should really try it, so I googled away to get some ideas, and then went to the market ready to buy. I got a few more tips from the seller and was ready to go – here was the final product:

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