Tasty Thursday: Homemade Indian Food

Awhile back James bought a large bag of garam masala, a spice often used in Indian food. It took me awhile but I finally put it to use to make Indian food, a first for me. I was really nervous but it turned out really well, for the most part.

What I made:

Our dinner spread. Photo by J. Hall.
Our dinner spread. Photo by J. Hall.

Overall – it tasted delicious! It felt a bit time-consuming at the moment but that was really just all the cutting and mixing of ingredients. In actuality, it was pretty simple. The one thing I screwed up? The naan.

The naan was simple enough to make but when it was done with its second rising I did not bake it right away since I wanted it to be hot/fresh when the rest of the food was done. This was a mistake since it then sat for about another hour. I think this led it to be more like a thick flatbread that was a bit more like pizza than naan. It was still delicious and a great side to the meal but not what I was dreaming of since I LOVE naan. I will definitely be trying to make it again.

Next time we make homemade Indian food, I think I’m going to try a different cauliflower or other side dish. This one was good (and simple) but we also love aloo gobi, the cauliflower and potoatoes dish. We have a lot of garam masala left, so this is not the last time we’ll be cooking with it – can’t wait to find more recipes to try!

Other meals we ate this week:

Anyone have other recipes that use garam masala?

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