Tasty Thursday: One Pan, Two Plates Review

It’s that time of the week to discuss what we’ve been eating. When I sat down to start writing, I realized that everything we ate came from our favorite cookbook – One Pan, Two Plates by Carla Snyder.


We were introduced to this cookbook at Christmas when at my brother-in-law’s house. He and his wife loved it and we tried a few recipes from there, then Christmas rolled around and opened our gift – they had gotten us the book. I’ve been raving about it to friends and family ever since.

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Tasty Thursday: Baking Adventures and Mediterranean Flavors

So I admit that we’ve been eating out a bit more than I’d like to and leftovers have lasted a few more days than I anticipated. We also grilled a meal this week with friends, steak, it was delicious, but doesn’t really go towards the count. But I made a loaf of bread in the last week and admittedly it is the best photo I took of our food from this week.

Freshly baked.

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The Perfect Strawberry Sauce

I am a huge fan of strawberries. Well all berries, but especially strawberries. So when I saw them on sale (I think 2/$5) the other day at the grocery store I snagged up 2 pints. Why I thought that these early strawberries would last awhile I’m not sure. So when they started to go a bit soft, my husband suggested to make something out of them before they went really bad. My hunt started on what I had already pinned, then to my favorite blogs for more inspiration. That is when I found THE recipe on Our Best Bites.

The completed sauce
The completed sauce. Photo by Jessica Hall

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Tips for Cooking for One

Last week I talked about deployment and how living alone can have its pluses. One of the major downsides though: cooking for one person. The absence of one person who eats  a bit more than me is a big deal, I think it took me months to get used to cooking for both of us, and having leftovers galore for lunch for both of us. And then boom, back to cooking for one! Here are my tried and true tricks:

Egg Salad, my go-to recipe for cooking for one

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