My name is Jessica. I am a graduate student, a foodie, traveler, and fashion lover. I am addicted to Pinterest, love social media, and Downton Abbey, among other shows. I am also a military spouse.

This blog is beginning as a part of my graduate program at University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media COM 546 class, but I hope it becomes more than that.

Since I married my husband, an officer in the US Army, I have been asked many questions about our military life. As I did research for this blog I learned that nearly half of Americans do not know the benefits and challenges of serving in the military (Pew Research Center, “War and Sacrifice in the Post-9/11 Era“). I hope to answer some of those questions, but also address that just because I am a military spouse, it doesn’t mean that that is my defining characteristic, in fact it is one of many, that existed long before I knew or married my husband. Sure I am more attuned to military issues, but I hope through my story and those of my friends and other spouses, the life of a military spouse becomes a little less obtuse.

Please feel free to ask me questions (below or via twitter) or share your story. In the coming week I will have a survey set up to find out what you want to know about. I look forward to sharing more as the weeks go on.

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