Tasty Thursday: Our Food Challenge

We recently moved back to Fort Huachuca where we lived right after we got married. During the few months we were here then I didn’t repeat a dinner once (that we can remember, there were probably a few repeats but very few). So we decided to try it again.

My Pinterest boards are bursting with ideas, and I don’t have a commute to cut into cooking time, so that extra time is going right to food planning and cooking! Now, we realize that the next few months that we are here it is likely that we will repeat a meal, but we are keeping a food journal and came up with a few rules. The rules are:

  1. This only counts for dinner. Leftovers are allowed/encouraged.
  2. Side dishes don’t count.
  3. The meals begin as of our move to AZ, normal go-to recipes are allowed until we make them the first time here.
  4. Repeat grilled dinners are allowed (mainly considering the typical hot dog/hamburger night with friends; new grilled recipes will definitely be tried).
  5. If we really love a dish and want to share it with friends we can make it again.

Yes the rules give us a little wiggle room, but we know that these things will come up, mainly 4 and 5. We are going to try new things when friends come over, but you know when you find that one amazing meal that you have to tell everyone about? Well, that’s what #5 is for. And we have a pool in our neighborhood so the hot dog/hamburger night will most likely be happening a few times.

We’re also hoping to eat fairly healthy and save some money. So when planning out the week I will be considering what is already in the fridge or pantry or if multiple recipes use the same ingredients (like a specific cheese or specialty sauce or parsley/cilantro that is only sold in giant clusters that I end up throwing most of it out in a week or so).

I’m hoping we can do this. I really want to get out of my meal comfort zone, and as much as I love my go-to recipes, I’m ready to discover some new ones and bust out the cookbooks that I own but never open. As always, I’ll share my favorites here, and if you’re interested, a recap of the week. Let me know in the comments!

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