How life changes in one year

A year ago today I dropped James off at his battalion, hugged and kissed him goodbye, hoping that the next nine months would fly by and he’d return home safely from his deployment. He returned in November and while we’ve been living it up we made a big decision in the last few months: we bought a house. A HOUSE! Our own freaking house.

Our house. Photo by Jessica Hall
Our house. Photo by Jessica Hall

So why buy a house? We aren’t here at JBLM forever, true, but we want to invest, build equity, and turn this into a rental for a few years after we move. We are lucky to qualify for a VA Home Loan, we needed no down payment and got a great interest rate. I know that we are lucky in that regard. It’s also a great time to buy just as the housing market is coming out of its terrible, terrible slump.

We also were ready for some more space. No, we aren’t planning on adding to our family size anytime soon (not even a dog), but we like to entertain and our apartment is just too small for that. We are also moving closer to base which is great for the hubby, it adds a few minutes to my commute but it’s not that bad. We also know some of our neighbors too and are excited to hang out with them!

So yeah. That is the exciting news. Now I get to decide on what blinds and curtains to buy, washer and dryer, where to hang our artwork and photos, etc etc etc. I am freaking excited!! If you follow me on Pinterest you have probably seen all of the house pins, gotta get inspired somewhere!

Moral of the story: deployment flew by, and now we own a house! If you’d told me a year ago that we’d have bought a house by now I would have called you a liar.

Anyone else buy a house lately? Any decorating tips and tricks? How did your lives change post-deployment?

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