Deployment Habits Die Hard

I know you’re probably like whaaaaaat? But yeah it’s true. There are some habits that I picked up while the hubby was gone that I find myself needing/wanting to do. They aren’t terrible habits, more like patterns of life I fell into during the months he was gone. Be it how to go about my day or just things I like to do.

Here’s what I find myself doing now that I’m used to him being home. The first is sleeping. The weird thing is that the whole time he was gone I wanted to fall asleep snuggling with him. Fast forward to now, about 2 months of him being home, and I need my space back. Let’s just say that I looked forward to having the whole bed to myself when he had Staff Duty the other night, but while I missed the warmth next to me, and snuggles, I enjoyed the extra space. And did not feeling guilty about stealing all the blankets. (Sorry honey!)

But said same night of me being alone I fell back into the staying up late habit. I really need to stop that one for so many reasons! At least on weeknights. I’m not even doing anything super exciting. It’s usually watching TV, organizing my Pinterest, checking out Facebook. Basically things I really don’t need to do at 11 p.m.

Then there has been the return of girl’s nights. These were common practice during deployment but dwindled during block leave/holidays. Now that the guys have gone back to work, my friends and are finding time for us to hang out again. It’s just like always except sometimes a bit shorter since the hubby’s want us home at some point in the evening.

Finally there are my work habits at home. I work part-time and go to school, so I use my days off to do some work and basically all of my homework. It was hard to get into a rhythm when James wasn’t working full days or at all aka was here at home so I was easily distracted/wanted to be more social. Now that he’s back to his normal schedule, I’m back to my productivity as well! This is definitely a win-win for us both.

What habits do you find yourself falling back on from deployment? Or just single life? Anything truly weird?

4 Replies to “Deployment Habits Die Hard”

  1. I totally agree with you on the girls nights thing. It’s hard for me to make plans with my friends and stay out late when I know my husband is home. But I miss having that girl time!

  2. I’ve never experienced a deployment, my husband just joined the Army back in August. However, he has been away since then. I have the worst time going to bed at a decent hour without him here. I laughed at the part where you say you’re not doing anything super exciting because here I am, almost 11 pm: organizing my pinterest, reading blogs, watching tv 🙂

  3. I have never gone through a deployment, but my fiance and I have been dealing with a long exhausting tech. school. Last time he came home we both suffered from mix matched sleeping schedules and wound up always being tired and ( at times) a little grouchy! I couldn’t sleep after he left and found the social networks to be a good late night distraction! Needless to say he would be ready for bed when I just didn’t want to turn off the light. I am glad to hear the effects wear off it in time!

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