Celebrating Special Holidays Solo

Ever since my husband and I were dating it was difficult to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries together (yayyy long distance). My birthday, except for the one right when we met, has always fallen on a weekday. And the one after we were married? He was in the field for a training exercise (although he was able to get away for about an hour where I saw him at Taco Bell), I’m excited we get to spend this year’s together, but next year? Very unlikely as we just learned he’ll probably be off at a training again. And our anniversary? Well this year we had deployment, so what’s a girl to do?

Me with my "Flat James" as I like to call him, which I got made so James could be at his brother's wedding this year. This is on our one year anniversary. (Photo by Katie Longto)
Me with my “Flat James” as I like to call him on our one year anniversary. (Photo courtesy Jessica Hall)

Let’s start with the anniversary. This year since we were apart I went out to dinner with a good friend, and yes I had a “Flat James” but it was just timing since I had that made for a wedding right before heading to dinner, but he did not come into the restaurant. Another friend had a group of us get together for Five Guys and her favorite dessert ordered from NYC. One of my favorites was the “Why Wear it Once?” party my friend threw for her anniversary. The premise: rewear your wedding dress, or bridesmaid dress, and have a blast! It was so. much. fun!

Four of us in our wedding gowns at an anniversary party. Photo courtesy Jessica Hall
Four of us in our wedding gowns at an anniversary party. Photo courtesy Jessica Hall

We ate appetizers, drank tasty drinks, and even had a wedding cake! There were also flower girls and ring bearers (aka our friends’ dressed up children, who watched a movie), and a terrible bridesmaid dress. It was fun getting dressed up again, and fortunately we all fit in our dresses too!

For my husband I sent a pretty awesome care package, well I think it was. I made a photo book of our favorite memories together with captions and why I loved that trip/moment. He was able to Skype with me that day as well which was awesome and sent me beautiful flowers. Another friend sent a 4-course dinner with various mail-friendly food, labeled as to which to open first.

Birthdays? I sent a fun themed box (see the photo in my care package post) complete with party hats, and cake in jars. Most of my friends and I get together with one another and celebrate however the birthday girl/guy wants.

Julie shared on the More Than A Military Spouse Facebook page that she and her hubby Skype and celebrate fun events/moments together. For the Inauguration they Skyped each other cross-country, dressed up and with champagne! I love this idea! I’m kinda hoping the hubby and I can Facetime/Skype the next time we’re apart for something awesome.

What do you do to celebrate your special occasions when your apart from your loved one? Any favorites?

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  1. love the “why where it once?” idea! I know what it’s like to be long distance from the very beginning, my husband and I lived 50 miles apart for the two years and a few months that we were dating, but I think that kind of helped prepare us for the Army life! This is actually our first Valentine’s Day we are spending together in a few years, last year he was in Korea and the year before it was a weekday, the week of our wedding. This will also be our first wedding anniversary spent together (he was in Korea for our first.)

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