The joys of homecoming

I wrote last week about how the last days of deployment were long. Really long. But today I can tell you with 100% certainty that having your loved one home is absolutely amazing. I can’t even describe how great it felt to see him again, and spend time with him. I first saw him on a video screen, watching the Soldiers come off the plane at the airfield, and squealed with joy. Then I waited a really long time (read: the Soldiers then had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and stuff, then deal with crazy traffic to meet up with the families on the other side of JBLM). I spotted him walking in the formation in, I hardly heard the words of the chaplain or commander releasing them.

Me with my sign. Photo courtesy of Jessica Hall

Then came chaos. I knew exactly where he was, but do I go to him? Does he come to me? I ended up leaving my sign with my friend who held it up and then I walked towards him. As soon as I spotted him, he was looking at the sign confused as I was not holding it, I jumped on him! I was sooo not planning that. A huge hug/spin/kiss and smiles all around. It was the best feeling ever. I haven’t been that happy since our wedding day. And you can see it in the smiles on our faces. We were just so happy to be back together.

Reunited and oh so happy! Photo courtesy of Jessica Hall

And after days together, our first Thanksgiving hosting and cooking, a date night, and lots of lounging, I’m still so happy. Actually leaving the house was difficult yesterday when I had to go to work and class, since he had the majority of the day off. I guess that is what my winter break and his leave is for, spending enough time together that we are ready for some time apart. But for now we are loving cooking together, watching movies, making cocktails, and exploring Washington.

Homecoming is really one of the best moments anyone can experience. I’m loving seeing photos of my friends reunite with their husbands, and can’t wait to be there with them as they say welcome home and see their loved one for the first time, and capture that moment on film (well digitally speaking) for them.

So that’s my life as of now, just enjoying having my hubby home. What have you done when you see a loved one for the fist time in months? Anyone else a fan of jumping in their arms? Or is it all about the spending time together and eating a favorite meal?

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  1. I’m so excited your husband got home safe! Homecoming has been a lot harder for me than deployment ever was. But I guess that’s because “homecoming” involved me returning to work in DC. Through deployment I felt lucky because I was used to living apart from my husband when he deployed. My schedule never changed. I couldn’t get upset that he wasn’t home for dinner because we never lived together. Now deployment is over and I’m struggling to deal with the distance. The one thing that got me through the last 8 months (my own schedule, apartment, career, etc) is now the thing that is keeping me away from him… I feel like I’m missing out on a huge part of the reintegration process!

    1. Thanks Julie! That stinks that you guys are still far apart 🙁 I will say it’s a lot of lounging and his schedule is random, and I probably need to get more back to my old schedule that was so helpful to get through the whole deployment. I hope you get a ton of time together when he goes on leave!

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