The longest days of deployment

As you read this I am spending some quality time with the hubby, for the first time in about 8 months. I am writing this prior to his homecoming ceremony because between his return and Thanksgiving, I may not be able to blog for a few days. But while I’m sure there are a lot of emotions going through my head right now as I hug and kiss him for the first time in what feels like forever, the days leading up to it were loong. So looooong.

Circle banner hung on the mantle with care. Photo by Jessica Hall
Circle banner hung on the mantle with care. Photo by Jessica Hall

I heard from my husband when he left his FOB (forward operating base) about a week before he was slated to arrive home. I knew he’d be at a hub in Afghanistan for a bit before flying out of the country to sit for another few days. And then fly home with at least one layover in between. I just kept waiting for the official call. The call to tell me “yes he is on this flight and he will be home at this day and time.” I knew it would come about 2-3 days in advance. But three days until the end of his window I started to freak out. I needed to know. I didn’t care that there were some heavy weather delaying flights. I wanted to know. I wanted some sort of confirmation, even though he had told me he was still on that flight.

I got in touch with my FRG leader to confirm that no call had gone out. I felt like I was going crazy, and paranoid, all about his returning home. I found out that the official call hadn’t gone out. So I waited. And waited. I had all these plans to do when I got the call: hang up the signs at home, make the sign to hold when I see him. Finish up laundry. Last minute final touches. By the time came through I had a full day and a half (minus sleep time) to prep. It was really plenty of time, as I did start doing some of this before the call. But the call symbolized, to me, that the light was really at the end of the tunnel.

Then I got anxious, like the good anxious, kid the night before Christmas anxious. I didn’t sleep well, but not because I was worried, like most of the deployment, but because I could not wait to see him! And I kept thinking about how I had stuff to do. Could I pick up the turkey early? What steak should I buy? What should that sign say?

And the last full day, I started to get butterflies. Butterflies! It had been a long time since I had those, but thinking about seeing his face in a few hours just made me feel all bubbly, in a good way. It made all the questions about what time, what would happen when he lands, and our plans for the day go away. Sure I felt a bit bombarded but I knew that soon it would just be us and that’ll be the best.

Needless to say I think there will be a nap at some point today. But it’ll be even more glorious because he’s home. Home sweet home. Catch you next week blogosphere and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Reading this made me so happy! I’m a Navy fiancee and my guy is deployed for a year to Afghanistan. I can’t wait for the homecoming… and your post made me so excited and happy for those last few days, even though they’re far away yet. ­čÖé Happy Homecoming!

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